Student written Research Laboratory Guidebook 2025Nagaoka University of Technology

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Surface and Interface Chemistry

Associate Professor / FUNATSU Asami
  • Creation of new inorganic nanosheets
  • Pioneering methods for the evaluation of 2D materials
  • We open up the future with nanosheets!

Associate Professor / FUNATSU Asami
Dr. Funatsu is a lively teacher, and all the students trust her because she responds quickly when we send her e-mails for advice, even when she is busy. She is also a tea lover. When there is an event, we prepare tea that are appropriate for the season which are also recommended by her.

Research Content

Our laboratory focuses on ultra-thin two-dimensional materials called “nanosheets” which can be altered and used to propose new materials. Nanosheets have about 1 nm of thickness (about the thickness of a single molecule or unit cell, known as the thinnest materials). Unlike other groups of materials , it can be described as a material consisting only of a surface. Therefore, it is becoming clear that there are novelties which can only be found in this material, which is also expected to be used in many fields.

In addition to the research, we also take part in events organized by the university!

A Day in the Lab

We have spent a lot of time acquiring basic knowledge and research on nanosheet materials since we were undergraduate students. Our laboratory has different core time, depending on the academic year. We write a weekly report, which gives us the ability to plan and organize our own data. During seminar, students present their research progress, the research papers, and measuring devices that they studied about. During last year’s conference, two of our laboratory students received awards for outstanding presentations, which showed their growth.

We organize lab events too! (Welcome party, BBQ, Nagaoka fireworks, etc.)

Thesis Subjects

  • (M)Development of Electrocatalysits Using Copper Hydroxide Nanosheets
  • (M)Substitution and Exfoliation of Transition Metals into Layered Perovskite Oxides
  • (M)Monolayer deposition of Copper Hydroxide Nanosheets and Examination of reduction effect

The number of
PhD Graduates


Major employers of Graduates

  • OILES Corporation
  • CBC Optics Co., Ltd.
  • Rigaku Corporation
  • Katori city office
Writer : Nanase MATSUMOTO, Materials Science and Engineering/Bioengineering
(National Institute of Technology, Kumamoto College (Yatsusiro Campus))