Goal and Merit

Global Pro-Active Root Technology Program

This program aims to produce professionals with profound knowledge of fundamental technology, which is the basis of industries related to the intermix of materials science and power engineering. This program will contribute to solution of SDGs and nourish the following four categories of international-level faculties.

  • 01

    Pioneering power in
    academic fields
    where doctoral researchers cultivate their original research ideas

  • 02

    Leading-edge IT capacity where knowledge continuously progresses instead of impromptu cramming

  • 03

    Pioneering human power where unknown areas are explored through broad human networks

  • 04

    Social implementation and execution abilities where challenges facing industries are solved

  • A commitment to the opportunity for every interested individual to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for the pursuit of higher education
  • A commitment to building capacity in higher education systems across the world
  • A commitment to promoting sustainability through education

Member of United Nations Academic Impact

Infrastructure for Global Pro-Active Education

For Pro-Active Education in this Program, we set up 1) a consortium with overseas practical education research universities, 2) corporation research labs throughout the university, and 3) cooperation factories in collaboration with public organizations, and provide research opportunities such as open innovation campus that utilizes these initiatives.

TargetThe space to practice our country’s future core industrial fields
【Automotive and aircraft industry】【Product design and manufacturing technology】【Environmentally sustainable technology】

University Collaboration
1) The International Engineering Practical Education Consortium
Overseas consortium universities
・University Deusto (Spain)
・TH Koln - Technology, Arts, Sciences (Germany)
・University of Antwerp (Belgium)
・University of Bordeaux (France)
Additional Universities
・Aalto University (Finland)
・Indian Institute of Technology Madras (India)
Collaborations with world-leading universities / Aim to become a world-renowned practical educational institution
Industry Collaboration
2) Infrastructure for Open Innovation Campus

Infrastructure to participate as a R&D leader in undeveloped industrial fields, producing solutions in collaboration with multiple corporations

The goal is to achieve a campus that is seamlessly integrated with industry.
3) Practice Leader and Complex Cooperative Factory Type Campus

Infrastructure for leadership practicum at cooperative factories (Niigata, Nagaoka, and Hakodate cities, and the town of Nagashima in Kagoshima prefecture) concentrated in one-of-a-kind technology of SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) in collaboration with the public sector.

This is not a simple branch factory. We aim to develop a cooperative factory style campus with a wide range of collective industries.