Activity of Students

Activity of Students

Mr. Okawa, in GD2, is participating in the overseas research internship program in Germany
Mr. Ayahisa Okawa, as a GD2 (second year student of the WISE Program), is currently participating in the overseas research internship program at Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU).
His host teacher is Dr.-Ing. Tobias Fey, Associate Professor at FAU. Mr. Okawa’s research topic is “the process design of complex-shaped porous bodies of new ceramics based on the fusion of the injection molding, gel casting, and sol-gel methods”. FAU is a leading German university in the field of ceramics science.


Dr.-Ing. Tobias Fey, Associate Professor at FAU and Mr. Okawa

Discussion with a graduate student of FAU


The delegate at the 12th international conference on the “Challenges in Environmental Science and Engineering” (CESE-2019)
The CESE-2019 conference was held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, from 3rd to 7th November 2019. This conference gathers researchers, policy-makers, academics, students from around the world to contribute solutions to the myriad of environmental questions, such as advanced technology for sustainability & climate change adaptation, soil – air – water pollution prevention and treatment.
The oral presentation of students and young scientists was allocated in three parallel sessions on 5th November. Our GD3 student, Ms. Tran Phuong Thao presented the study entitled “Evaluation of DAMO process performance and nexus of N2O emission in a DHS reactor” and won the award for “Best student oral presentation award” (among 84 presentations, 6 presentations chosen for Best student oral presentation and 4 presentations chosen for Best young scientist oral presentation).
In the CESE-2019 conference, I also participated in the “Scientific writing and speed sparring workshop” facilitated by Dr. Eldon R. Rene from IHE Delft Institute for water education, on 4th and 6th November 2019.

Third year of the Department of Science of Technology Innovation
Tran Phuong Thao





Japan-UK collaborative research on next-generation medical robots
I am conducting research on the magnetic field control of small-sized robots at the University of Sheffield, UK. This research embodies root technology by combining the expertise of electromagnetic field analysis and material engineering with the expertise on microrobotics that the University of Sheffield possesses. I am confident that this technology will lead to future innovations in the field of medicine.

Third year of the Department of Science of Technology Innovation
Hironari Sugiyama


Meeting to design the control unit of the paper craft type robot (left photo)

Group photo with members of the Microrobotics Laboratory of the University of Sheffield (center photo)