Overview of WISE Program

WISE Program

“Doctoral Program for World-leading Innovative & Smart Education”

“WISE Program” proposed by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) creates hubs to continuously expand new collaborative research by cultivating exceptional doctoral talent in various sectors such as “leading researchers of world-class academia”, “prominent innovators in industry”, “entrepreneurs who concoct the social implementation of new knowledge”, and “public sector personnel in Japan and around the world who devise policy planning”. Its purpose is to promote innovation encompassing the entire graduate school by systematic collaborations with outside organizations, including top overseas universities and private corporations.
These endeavors will build a five-year integrated doctoral degree program that leverages world-class education and research faculties.

54 applications were submitted (44 from 28 national and 10 from private universities). Of these, 15 applications (14 from 12 national and 1 from private universities) were selected.

MEXT certifies universities with the world’s top level of education and research.(As of October 3, 2018)

Since its inception, Nagaoka University of Technology has been a leader in providing advanced and unique practical education. Currently international students from 30 countries study at the University. Moreover, our students have received practical training, presented at academic conferences, and conducted research in 36 countries. In addtion, of the 780 Japanese universities (national and private), only 37 are selected for the Top Global University Project and 13 are selected for the Graduate Program of Excellence. Nagaoka University of Technology is one of eleven universities selected for both programs, making it one of the most prominent hubs in Japan for global education and outstanding research.

Top Global University Project

A program to provide priority support for top Japanese universities with world-class education and research through collaborations with outstanding overseas universities.

Our University’s program:
The Education Program for Innovative Global Engineers ~Toward development of an integrated global campus with collaboration between industry, academia, and government~

WISE Program

A project to produce exceptional doctoral talent through a five-year integrated doctoral degree program that leverages the world-class educational and research capabilities using the university’s strength as the core and systematic collaborations with organizations in Japan and around the world.

Our University’s program:
Global Pro-Active Root Technology Program