Admission Policy

Program summary

This program is a 5-year integrated doctoral program that aims, in collaboration with industry and overseas bases of cooperation, to cultivate professionals with a knowledge of the “root technologies” underlying all those industries based on materials science and power engineering (control engineering and power electronics specifically) that contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Since its founding, the university has fostered a practical education curriculum featuring concepts such as “Jitsumu-Kunren” (long-term internships) and “Global Pro-Active Education” (based on the university’s worldwide collaborations). This practical curriculum helps our students develop into talented, innovative, and resilient individuals, who are well-versed in information technology. The aim of “Global Pro-Active Education” is to go beyond active learning. Students are encouraged to learn independently. They face and overcome real-life problems around the world, thus demonstrating and honing their problem-solving and
leadership skills.
As part of this program, you will gain unique experiences such as participating in company-wide
management in the planning department of a European company and assisting the factory director at a small
or medium-scale enterprise or a shared factory complex comprising several such enterprises. You will be able to gain practical experience in a leadership role at various locations across the world, employing your own individual skillsets. You should not worry about facing setbacks-they are a part of the journey to success.

In addition to the three courses offered-Sustainable Mobility Course (automobile, train, and aircraft industries); Smart Factory Course (manufacturing technology and material processing industries); and Clean Manufacturing (environmental, energy, and energy-conservation manufacturing industries)-and specialized

Applicant Qualifications

Applicant who satisfies all of the following conditions

  • Desire to study in the five-year integrated education research program to obtain a doctoral degree (cannot obtain a master’s degree)
  • Desire to improve abilities through long-term internships in corporations or overseas institutions
  • Desire to become a strong and innovative professional who can create new industries
  • Recommendation from a potential supervisor if applying within the University or a current supervisor if applying from outside.